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GDPR – Are We Ready For It?

You must have heard or seen the term “GDPR” before and quite often lately.

It is getting popular because this term is going to force changes in everything from technology, marketing, to medicine and banking, and because it finally goes into effect on this 25th (25/06/2018) after seven years in the making.

So what exactly “GDPR” is?

GDPR stands for General Data Protection Regulation. As its name, the law protects customer data, allowing any individual to question and request a company to reveal and/or delete their personal data.


This means EVERY European company or ANY business that is dealing with European customers, which harvests personal data is going to need prior customers’ permission.

Could GDPR be a death sentence for Digital Marketing and organisations that heavily rely on consumer data?

The answer is no!

Those type of organisations are more likely to go for a transparency approach, telling and showing customers for what purposes the company will use their information, giving customers control power over their privacy, rather than completely shutting down business.

For example, Spotify will also launch a Privacy Center and Data Protection Officer, allowing its users to manage their personal information as well as helping them with privacy concerns.

Google also stated its commitment to GDPR across all tools and services.


However, it will not be a surprise when companies find some ways to bend the rules.

Facebook currently announced its compliance to the EU’s GDPR, and will roll out its new policy globally. Although using personal data for creating targeted advertising will be absolutely illegal, advertisers still can track users’ activities and behavior based on online activities and interaction, for example, posts you liked and shared or pages you visited.



In my opinion, it could be easier to comply with GDPR than risking yourself and your organisation because the penalty will be significantly massive!

Thank you for reading.



Parallel Reality – The Next Level of AR

What if I told you, there is a real version of the “Mirror of Erised” from Harry Potter, the mirror that can reflect a person’s true desires when looking at it, and no one else will see the same thing. For example, when Harry tried to show Ron his parents in the mirror, Ron, instead, saw himself as a Quidditch team captain, holding the Quidditch cup.

mirror of erised

The truth is “Parallel Reality” is even a better version of that magical mirror. It is similar to Augmented Reality but without any assistance of tablets or special glasses. Unlike the “Mirror of Erised” which can only allow one viewer at a time, a Parallel Reality display, at the same time, can show thousands of people their own personalised information, advertising, and so on, in the viewer’s language.

NO! That is not from my imagination. The fact that in 2009, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill created a basis for calibrating future multi-view displays, providing “correct eye gaze for multiple users”. Moreover, Parallel Reality is now available at Misapplied Science.

Paralled Reality

Parallel Reality can be a fantastic marketing application for any company to reach its target customers by providing personalised advertising not only on public digital billboards, but also on mobile devices. On November 2016, there was a digital billboard in Moscow which changed the ads displayed, based on the brand of a car that drove past. This was achieved by utilising high-speed cameras to recognise the make, model, and year of vehicles. However, this can only be considered as an early version of Parallel Reality.


Parallel Reality utilises Artificial Intelligence for facial recognition and data collection techniques, to provide the optimal information to the viewer. There will be no longer be any irrelevant information shown. People will only see what they want to see.

However, will that be a good thing? Will customers miss out things that would be interesting to them and will a company lose its potential customers?

This is something we need to consider.


Humans no longer have Privacy

Have you ever felt like your technology devices overhear the conversations of you and people around you? I have! I once discussed with my friends in person about a consideration of doing Pilates. Surprisingly, we received an advertising on the next day, without any previous attempt at searching…


It is an undeniable fact that technology has been putting a huge impact on Digital Marketing. On one hand, advance technology and IoT assist an eMarketer in tracking customer browsing trends and online behaviors, and then transferring that ‘big data’ into strategies and implementation. It also benefits customers in a way of creating more personalised ads that could exactly meet their needs and wants, saving them from struggling in the bombardment of information.

However, tracking online activities is different from overhearing and watching. Yes, you read it correctly; they are watching us! Nowadays, most shopping centers adopt advance technology to track our every move, detecting our identity features, age, race and even mood…


Are we safe? When will the data management controllers use our information to go against us? Mark Zuckerberg has recently admitted Facebook “made mistakes” that led to millions of users having their data exploited by a political consultancy.  How dangerous it is if it is not just personal data but confidential information of a company or even a country are misused?

In my opinion, trust, loyalty and reputation are difficult to build but easy to breach. Therefore, as a Digital Marketer, protecting customer’s data is our prioritised responsibility. I believe in this Industry 4.0, privacy is the new luxury, a company that has an ability to protect customers privacy will become successful.


Let me know what you think about this topic by leaving comments below. Thank you for reading.

Is AI taking over the world?

After sharing my first blog, I had an interesting discussion with my engineering colleague about AI. He showed me a video titled “Human need not apply”. This is a short film describing how automation has been replacing human labor, as exact same way we replaced horses with automobiles back in 19th century.

If you are still wondering when AI will take over the world, it has already been doing that. However, the AI takeover is not the same as the Hollywood sci-fi movies are telling us. AI is not likely to develop its own consciousness to decide the world is better off without human and turning against us.

AI takeover

In fact, it works in a different way. Countless jobs are being replaced due to automation and AI is becoming ubiquitous across enterprise software. People like myself who support these changes, argue that we created robots to complete manual, repetitive and time-consuming tasks, so that human can work in fields that are more creative. My colleague once again pointed out, machines can be programmed to be creative when a Japanese AI almost won a literary prize with its novel.

It is understandable that people are afraid of the uncertainty regarding the future of AI and automation. Instead of turning against them and their potential benefits to society. I suggest we should collaborate with AI to make our lives easier. Digital Marketing will definitely get benefits from this. For example, Chatbot can increase customer engagement with 24/7 availability. This is cost effective concept that make business become price competitive while having quality customer services. Moreover, AI can help companies capture customer insights based on previous browsing behaviors to make strategic decisions.


I cannot deny the negative impacts that AI are putting on eMarketers, but I would love to discuss this topic in my next blog.

Leave a comment below if you agree with my opinion or would like to share your ideas of the collaboration between eMarketers and AI.

AI – The Cause of Doomsday?

I was doing some research when I came across a catchy article “AI is far more dangerous than nukes”. For as long as I’ve worked in the automotive industry, I’ve have a strong interest in technology and IoT; therefore, this AI topic totally got my attention.


The article was written after an interview with Elon Musk at SXSW. During the conference, the Tesla and SpaceX CEO, more than once time emphasised the dangers of AI are far beyond those of nuclear weapons. Musk suggested doomsday could be right around the corner, if people continue to underestimate AI’s exponential improvements.

AI weapon

If a random person said to me that robots and automation would take over the world soon, I would tell them to stop watching so many Hollywood sci-fi movies. However, this is Elon Musk, the person at the forefront of self-driving technology… Oh well, he must have a valid reason.

The Silicon Valley billionaire claimed that he was very close to the cutting edge in AI and was frightening by its capabilities. To be fair, if you ever want to put a chip in a human brain then you should of course be worried. Not because AI could develop a mind its own and turn against us, but worried about the indescribable power held by those that create, develop and control the AI in the first place.


My point is AI is not dangerous; it is still a product of human design. AI does not have its own consciousness; it is designed to do what it is programmed to do. And if doomsday ever happens, we need to question the true purpose of those that created the AI in the first place.

This will be a huge challenge for digital marketers to approach customers and gaining their trust if customers are exposed to unclear information and refuse to use AI products. Therefore, I totally agree with Elon that AI development must be regulated for our safety.

What else can we do to overcome these challenges? Share your thoughts and ideas at the comments section below. I hope to have great further discussions.