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Haptic Virtual Reality

Have you ever dreamed of experiencing all different types of cocktails without being drunk, or enjoying as many dishes as possible without gaining weights?

That could be possible with Haptic Virtual Reality (VR).

Many of us are familiar to Virtual Reality (VR), but the term Haptic VR is not something we hear every day. Haptic VR is VR with additional accessories such as gloves or even bodysuits. Haptic VR allows users to touch and feel virtual objects by sending vibration through skin-tight accessories.


Currently, Haptic VR technology is used in many different industries. For example, Volkswagen brings sense of touch to virtual reality, to help design interior and exterior car parts; or Disney’s haptic VR jacket lets us feel snowball impacts and snakes slithering; and of course we cannot deny its benefit of VR in medical: Fundamental VR is developing VR training tools for the next generation of surgeons.

fundermental vr.png

Now, let’s get back to the opening questions of this post.

Vocktail” is the name of this VR Cocktail, allows a user to experience different types at a touch of a button by using electrode strips send electric pulses to stimulate the taste, pumping scents from air pumps on the 3D-printed base to fine-tune these flavors.


Similarly, with Haptic VR, we can cut off salt intake by electro-’shocking’ tongue with a fork, or sugary products by thermoelectric elements system. Moreover, Electric Food Texture System simulates the experience of chewing foods when there is no food present.

Applications in Digital Marketing:

Haptic VR helps increase customer engagement by providing virtual experiences. For example, we can try fragrances “online” before making a purchase or feeling the fabric of clothing without going to the mall and do on.  Also it would be possible to share those experiences with friends and family via social media platforms.

This emerging technology will bring digital marketing to the next level since normal VR is no longer sufficient and appealing to customers.

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